For Parents & Students


EdCred Fee Loans is a service through which you can take upto 100% of the tuition fee as loan. The fee is paid directly to the institution & the parents have to repay the amount in monthly EMIs at no additional cost (ZERO COST). Parents can only avail this service when the institution partners with EdCred.

Problem Area

  • Unavailability of funds to pay in large installments for education (Yearly or Quarterly)


  •  No automated convenient process of paying monthly & auto-debit to avoid defaults


  • Education Loan from banks require a lot of coordination & efforts between the institution & the bank
  • High Interest to be paid on education loan from banks


  • Repayment starts only after the completion of the course, loan amount increases significantly


  • Initial amount to be paid by the parent and then to be reimbursed by the bank

Why EdCred Fee Loan ?

Pay Yearly fees in ZERO Cost monthly EMIs

Auto debit facility to pay EMIs from monthly salary/income

Improve your credit score to avail easy financial services in the future

Get pre-approved easy loans from MS FINCAP

EdCred is associated with the college/school so no efforts to be made by parents

Hassle-free & easy application & documentation process

Get financing every year for your children, auto-renewal of the service

Better planning of expenses & reduced burden of education of the child

Features of Fee Loans

No cost easy EMIs

Tenure- 10 months

Upto 100% of tuition fee

No collateral required

No Processing Charges