About Us

With the cost of quality-education increasing, school/college fees can have a major impact on a family’s financial plans. EdCred is launched as a financial solution for such families, encouraging student enrolments by regularizing the fee payments in monthly installments and decrease school/college dropouts due to lack of funds.

Additionally, EdCred also provides funding to the premium educational institutions to expand, develop or advance infrastructure, thereby improving the standard of education. It partners with the institution on its journey of growth & works closely to understand all its financial requirements and service them from time to time.

Our Story

EdCred aims to enhance quality of education and encourage student enrolment at educational institutes. It partners with the premium institutes of India to service all kinds of their financial needs.

EdCred offers convenient no-cost EMIs on annual fees for educational institutions. It operates only through institutional collaboration under which we facilitate and finance annual fees of educational institutions for parents/students.


EdCred is a sub-brand of MS FINCAP Pvt Ltd. MSFC is a Non-Banking Financial Company registered with Reserve Bank of India (RBI). It is a Jaipur based company incorporated under the provisions of Companies Act, 2013, in the year of 2017. It provides different types of loans, secured and unsecured, to foster unbounded economic growth.

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