For Institutions


Problem Area

  • Institutions have an irregular cash inflow spread over the whole year.
  • Scattered fund collection results in inefficient use for the institution.
  • Heavy costing of resources on collection of fees.
  • Some amount results in bad-debts.
  • Only few loan facilities available due to Trust/Society structure.
  • Very high interest rate options available in the market.
  • Heavy infrastructure cost & maintenance requires long-term financial planning.

Why EdCred for Institutions?

Scattered cash inflow gets consolidated to help fund capital expenditure & other future expansion plans

The funds can be deployed in Liquid funds/schemes to get significant returns and still be available for use at any point of time.

No deployment of useful resources in fees collection

Avoid difficult situations with parents regarding fees collection and thus, avoid any chances of bad-debts

Our Products

Fee Loans

The institutions can partner with EdCred to get the annual fee of the students in the beginning of the year at a small discount rate. EdCred will service the parents by paying the tuition fees on their behalf directly to the educational institution. The parents will repay the fees at no cost in 10 monthly installments.

Example (Figures taken are approximate & may vary for each school)

  • School Fee = 1,00,000 payable in 4 quarters.
  • EdCred School Discount = 10%.
  • School gets in the beginning of the year = 90,000
  • Parents pay monthly installment = 1,00,000/10= 10,000

Receive annual fees in the beginning of the year

Get relief from the responsibility of fee collections

Fees to be paid directly to the institution on behalf of the parent .

Secured Funding

This loan is given to the institute against the immovable property after assessing the promoters/directors profile, school’s current cash flows, income & expenses.

Example (Figures taken are approximate & may vary)

  • Total Loan amount =  50,00,000
  • Tenure = 5 year
  • Rate of Interest = 16%
  • Processing fee = 1.5%
  • Total number of EMIs = 60
  • EMI Amount = 1,21,590

Loan Amount- Upto 2 Cr

Tenure- Upto 7 years

Processing Fee-1.5%- 3%

Interest Rates- 16%-22% (Reducing)