Our mission, your success

 EdCred aims to enhance quality of education and encourage student enrolment at educational institutes in India. We offer innovative financial solutions to students, parents & educational institutions. 

Fee Loans

For parents and students to pay the tuition fees on their behalf directly to the educational institution.

Secured Funding

This loan is given to the institute against immovable property after assessing the promoters/directors profile, school’s current cash flows, income & expenses.

For Parents/Students

EdCred Fee Loans is a service through which you can take upto 100% of the tuition fee as loan. The fee is paid directly to the institution & the parents have to repay the amount in monthly EMIs at no additional cost (ZERO COST). Parents can only avail this service when the institution partners with EdCred

For Institutions

Get a long-term financial partner to fulfill all your future plans & help in effective financial planning.


About Us

Catering to the Indian education sector, EdCred aims to enhance quality of education and encourage student enrolment at educational institutes. 

A sub-brand of MSFC (MS FIINCAP PRIVATE LIMITED), EdCred offers convenient no-cost EMIs on annual fees for students. 

EdCred also provides funding to the premium educational institutions to expand, develop or advance infrastructure, thereby improving the standard of education.

Our Partners

JECRC University
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Finance Peer

Let’s work together on improving standard of education in India